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"Hi I’m Jo, creator and maker of most things Valley Mist. I am well into my 40’s and have been making my own natural skincare products with varying success for roughly ten years.

I am passionate and some would say a little too enthused about a number of things in life but the environment, skincare, growing my own food, yoga, my family and herbal tea, all compete to be at the top of the list … Oh and let’s not forget composting! Together these things and many others work as key ingredients of my attempt at a holistic lifestyle.

Part of my business ambitions are to grow Valley Mist to the point where I can afford to literally grow most of my ingredients … but most of your ingredients are imported from warmer climates I hear you cry! Well, I have a plan for UK grown ingredients that will crank up the sustainability factor of Valley Mist, watch this space"

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