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The Lekker Company started off as lekkerineenpotje (roughly translating to ‘nice in a jar’) in 2014 as a Pinterest-hobby with a 100 glass jars at the kitchen table in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The founder, Dewi (on the left), made everything from scratch from scrubs to lip balms, body butters and deodorant. She had a mission to let everyone know what they were putting on their skin.

All their deodorants are vegan and sustainably designed with recyclable, carton packaging. The clean, natural ingredients used are clearly indicated on the packaging making it easily understandable to all.

On average, we use 9 different cosmetic products in our daily routine. Eventually, The Lekker Company wants to produce them all with the same core principles, 100% vegan, plastic free and clean, no nonsense ingredients.

For now, our focus is still on deodorant but within the coming years we will expand our cosmetic range because everyone deserves a plant-based skincare routine.

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