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Our name Magma is taken from the substance found beneath the Earth which, once exploded, changes the landscape forever.
Grounded by our very name, we have created a set of values we intend to live and die by and hope these principles can transfer to each and every one of our customers.
Firstly our company is 100% British owned and all of our products are 100% BrItish made, actualised in our London-based warehouse.

Each of our products respresent the topmost in purity and quality, meticulously chosen to enrich both the lives of our users and the wellbeing of the environment that birthed our scents.
We maintain the highest levels of ethical standards throughout the whole production procedures, at every point from the raw materials being gathered to the wonderful products our customers see and enjoy on the shelves.

Every fragrance has a story, and at Magma London we study and engage in the locality of our collections, bringing our customers a sense of the personality, spirit, character, charm and most of all AUTHENTICITY of the people behind the scents.

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