Brexit - Breeze of Nature is committed to providing the best possible service to our EU family post Brexit.

  • Can I still order within the EU?

    We are still shipping orders to our valued EU customers however if you are a European Union customer you may be subject to VAT and or import duties when your order arrives in your country, in the same way that trade with the USA or countries outside of the EU works.The cost of these fees will vary depending on the value of your order and the country it is being sent to.The carrier will contact you directly to collect payment before the parcel is delivered. DPD for example will request payment via email or text and will detail the import duties and taxes as well as an administration fee for collecting the import charges. This is perfectly normal and is common practice for all non-EU countries.This will vary from carrier to carrier so please check with your countries carrier service for more localised information.Other than how these taxes are collected its business as usual!If you are a UK or NON-EU customer nothing changes.

  • Will my personal data be safe now the UK has left the EU?

       Don't worry, your data will still be secure!

       The UK's rules around data protection will remain aligned with the EU's general data regulation (GDPR), so there will be no change         to your rights or the way your personal data is kept secure.

  • ​How can we help?


           Still need help with your order?

           We are here to help you with all of your enquiries, please contact us on