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We believe it’s important to raise awareness of pollution issues and encourage people to help minimise our collective impact on the earth in any way they can. We can help by providing every day products crafted using natural and sustainable resources; resources that come as direct from the earth as possible which can then – after it’s usefulness has passed – return to the earth as part of the natural and ecological order of things.

Almost every person on Earth uses a toothbrush each and every day. These eventually end up in landfills. There are DECADES of brushes that have been made from plastics and some also contain electronics. In fact, every year more
than 50 MILLION pounds of toothbrushes are disposed of in landfills in the United States alone. It can be an overwhelming thought to consider what impact a single person could possibly have on this situation and we felt the issue was not necessarily with the consumers. But if consumers were offered the opportunity to make a difference simply by switching to a more eco-friendly option, just by changing to f.e.t.e®, every individual would make a difference.

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