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My story of freshness

Breeze is an online shop which offers well designed products from independent brands made in an eco-friendly and ethical way. 

You will find here products such as household or beauty handcrafted by independent small brands who fit the goal of promoting

environmentally conscious and ethical shopping. Because they are small businesses

is easy for them to control the quality and what’s goes into their products.

Their product is Certified by Vegan Society.

Also their transparency - clear labelling and honest ingredient listing - to enable consumers to make an informed choice.

Many chemicals used in skincare products have been proven to have harmful effects.

I believe that using natural ingredients in their purest form makes a world of difference.

Nature has provided us with powerful resources which work in harmony with our bodies

and which make us look and feel more beautiful.

In my green online shop, it is my aim to share with you all of the ethical and

zero waste products that I have found on my own personal journey or through my good friend who introduced me to zero waste.

Most of the products I now use myself and love & so my kids.

Agie x

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